Palomar Elementary is a proud participant in Community Schools.

Community Schools LogoThe Dream

Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Every child deserves a public school that opens the doors to reach them. Community Schools not only open doors but propels our children toward their dreams. By bringing students, families, staff, and the community together, we forge an unbreakable partnership dedicated to unlocking each child's full potential. Entirely free of charge, every student will have access to the same opportunities. We believe that finances, backgrounds, and abilities should never hinder a student's opportunities for success. Community Schools will ensure equal access to resources, creating a level playing field for all students. Whether it's cutting-edge technology, comprehensive learning materials, or enriching extracurricular opportunities, every child will have the tools they need to thrive.

Each student's journey is unique, as are the required supports. Our commitment to equity means tailoring those supports to meet their individual needs, whether providing tutoring, mental health services, or community outreach programs. Together, we break down barriers and pave the way to student success. By being a part of Community Schools, you will transform your child's future. It will provide real-world support to students and their families. We believe that students can achieve their dreams when they have all the resources they need to succeed.

The Vision

Transform our schools into a place where students and families come first, where everyone in the community joins to help students succeed.

The Mission

Improve students' lives by bringing more services into the school, offering more before and after school opportunities, making more local community partnerships, and sharing decision-making with the entire community.

Community School Pillars

The key to the long-lasting success of Community Schools is found in the essential four pillars: Student Support, Expanded Learning, Community Engagement, and Shared Leadership.


Each Community School receives a 5-year CCSPP Implementation Grant (based on school size) and designated Extended Learning Opportunities Program funds.


Besides the extra funding, each Community School receives extra support. They also receive a full-time, year-round Site Community School Coordinator to facilitate the implementation, ongoing support from the district community schools coordinator, and prioritized support for each CS Pillar.

This will only be successful if the community works together. For ways to get involved, partner, or volunteer, please contact our District Community School Coordinator at [email protected].


Our long-term partners play a crucial role in our Community School initiatives, forming an intertwined network that supports our collective efforts. Together, these long-term partners create a robust and interconnected support system, empowering our Community Schools to thrive and positively impact the lives of our students and their families. Below are a few of our partners:

  • Chula Vista Educators
  • The Center for Violence-Free Education
  • YMCA
  • Community Volunteer Corps
  • Casey Family Programs
  • The Military Partnership
  • San Diego Food Bank
  • San Diego District Attorney's Office
  • South Bay Community Services

Community Schools District Steering Committee

The district created a co-lead Community Schools District Steering Committee comprised of community members, families, teachers, classified staff, CVE leaders, and district leaders to grow and support the planning, implementation, expansion, and maintenance of our Community Schools Program.

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